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Welcome to our Projects showcase, where the skillful work of Performance Painting Company comes to vivid life. Here, you’ll find a curated selection of our completed projects, each reflecting our commitment to quality and our collaboration with home builders and individual clients. Browse through to see the versatility and precision of our work across diverse settings and scales.

Home Builder Projects Category

Our Home Builder Projects category highlights our partnership with construction professionals, showcasing a portfolio of new developments and communities we’ve brought to life with our painting services. These projects represent our role in creating attractive, market-ready homes, demonstrating our expertise in contributing to large-scale construction endeavors with efficiency and attention to detail.


Chocolate Homes

Holmes Homes




Signature Series Projects

In our signature series projects, you will discover individual projects that stand out for their unique requirements and bespoke solutions. From luxury custom homes to notable commercial ventures, these are the projects where our team’s flexibility and creativity shine, illustrating the tailored approach we bring to each client’s vision.

Blaser Barn

The Austin

Vista 11 Clubhouse

Dan’s House

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